• न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।

  • ज्ञान के समान पवित्र इस संसार में कुछ नहीं है।।

  • There is nothing more pure in this world than knowledge(Jyana)

Student Zone


UTKARSH - HDFE Department

By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.

- Mahatma Gandhi

The Department of HDFE at Bharati College was started in 1984. The department was initially called Family and Child Welfare (FCW) later the nomenclature has changed to Human Development & Family Empowerment (HDFE). Since the very beginning, the department has been actively engaging with the discipline of Human Development through academics as well as curricular activities.

The society of HDFE Department is called as Utkarsh meaning 'Progress' or ‘Prosperity’. Utkarsh implies reaching heights, has an active student body which organizes many student activities. The purpose of Utkarsh is to provide opportunities for students to showcase and enhance their potential in various domains and keep pace with changes in the society.

Utkarsh is the HDFE department society created and managed by students. It is led by a student union consisting of the president, vice president, general secretary and the treasurer.

Utkarsh organizes various activities throughout the year including a one to two day annual department fest in the spring semester. Utkarsh organises and participates in various competitions throughout the year.

Performances Especially Last 5 Years
Activities organized in 2015-17

The society organized regular workshops for students in the area of:

  • Early Childhood Care & Education,
  • Disability awareness
  • Adolescent health and nutrition, and
  • Women empowerment
  • Workshop on puppetry
The Department observes its annual event called the FCW Day

Organizes a number of student competitions:

  • Debates
  • Essays
  • Poster
  • Rangoli making competition on various themes related to child development and women empowerment.
Activities organized in 2017-18

UTKARSH - Inter College Annual function was organized on 24th April, 2018 to encourage creativity in the form of "Self-composed poetry, rangoli, poster making and create from waste like competitions" and various current concerns and issues related to women and children.

Workshops organized:
  • Theme: "Story-telling" by Ms. Ritika Bhatia and session on "Stress Management" by Dr. Ashish Bawa
  • Session by Pratham NGO to orient students about the initiatives the NGO is engaged in and how the students can work as volunteers, by Ms. Mihika and Ms. Annapoorni (Resource persons)
  • Theme: ‘Status of Indian women in Socio Cultural context’ by Ms. Rajya Lakshmi, Assistant Professor, Janki Devi Memorial College and 2nd session on ‘Domestic Violence Act 2005’ by Ms. Chitra Panchkaran
  • Theme: Promoting Intergenerational bonding by All India Women's Education Fund Association (AIWEFA)
  • Students volunteered in the International storyteller’s festival ‘Kathakar’ held on 16th to 18th November 2018 at IGNCA Central Lawn, New Delhi.
Activities for 2019 by HDFE Department

Department organizes many activities with a purpose to give opportunities to students to showcase and enhance their potential in various domains and keep pace with changes in the society.

  • Gender Sensitization training program/ Issue based training was organized for HDFE students by resource person from NGO called as ‘Breakthrough Trust’ (17th Jan.-1st Feb.2019)
  • Skill based training was organized for HDFE students by resource person from Breakthrough Trust to acquire film making skills. The students are working on various short films on different issues such as women empowerment, children with special needs and double burden on women.
  • International Women Day 2019 was celebrated by the department of HDFE on 5th March 2019 in collaboration with Society for All Round Development and H.P Company. In this event named as the ‘the rising Women’, 11 employees from HP joined and engaged with students from Various departments in different activities such as Pot painting, wall painting, session on career counselling and presentation making session and poster making. Later awards were also given to the students of poster making and pot painting.
  • UTKARSH- Inter College Annual function was organized on 4th April, 2019 to encourage creativity in the form of self-composed poetry and poster making competitions on the theme of ‘Children with Disability’. A film screening was also done on the same issue prepared by students of HDFE Department with support from Breakthrough trust. A talk on ‘children with disability’ was also organized to create awareness among the students as well faculty to create sensitivity regarding the theme. A session on ‘Learnings from the fields’ was also organized to understand the perspectives of the NGOs working in the area of disability. A career counselling session specifically in the area of disability was also organized for the students. As a part of the event, 3rd year students were also given a chance to showcase their internship work with organizations like DCCW, Lakshya, Handicapped Children's Rehabilitation Association (HCRA), Inspiration centre. The event ended up with fun filled nukkad natak and dance performance by HDFE students.
  • One day workshop was organized on ‘Skill India Training’ for the students for HDFE Department on 15th October 2019. Representatives from Skill India Campaign were the speakers for the workshop. They oriented the students regarding the skill India campaign and collected data regarding the skills they would like to take up in the future.
  • The society with Breakthrough, Trust organized an art workshop/competition for issue based poster on the theme ‘Violence against women and girls’. The winning poster was uploaded on the organization’s website and social media handles, the selected design was taken into the community as posters and wall art. The competition was conducted on 13th November 2019, around 60 students participated in the competition.
Activities for 2020
  • Competitions for students of various colleges during COVID – The HDFE society has organized 2 online competitions. One was Power point presentation competition on the topic ‘Government reforms during the lockdown period – pro or against’ and other was poetry competition on the topic ‘challenges due to COVID19’ through video presentation. The department received lot of participation from various colleges.
  • Indo-Georgian Cultural Fest: The HDFE Department, Bharati College in collaboration with SARD NGO organized an Indo-Georgian cultural fest on 7th February 2020. In this event, children and youth from Tbilisi, Georgia performed various dance forms to make exchange of talent in India. Bharti college students also participated in the same event. Lot of eminent choreographer and Hollywood actor from Georgia also participated in the event.

The major achievement of the society is to provide opportunities to students to explore and build up self-confidence. The society helps the students to take up leadership roles for organising various events independently. It also help the students to take up and master skills to develop in their interest in various fields.

Office bearers for 2019-20:

Hema - President
Garima – Vice-president
Roma - Treasurer
Shruti – General Secretary


The aim of the HDFE society Utkarsh is to reach new heights. It will continue to work as an active student body for organising various activities/ initiatives. It will work with the purpose to give opportunities to students to showcase their potential in various domains. It will also keep pace with day to day changes in the society.


All the students taking up B.A HDFE are encouraged to be part of Utkarsh society. Taking part in the society’s initiatives will support and boost up your personality. It will help to develop your interest and enable you to take up leadership roles in later life. Being a part of HDFE society will also strengthen your skills to work as team member.