• न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।

  • ज्ञान के समान पवित्र इस संसार में कुछ नहीं है।।

  • There is nothing more pure in this world than knowledge(Jyana)

Student Zone



Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life. 

-Tyler Cowen

The “FREAKONOMICS” society of the Department of Economics bears the responsibility of increasing awareness, generating inquisitiveness, and fostering passion among the students and faculty in the field of economics. Freakonomics came into existence in the year 2015 to blend the academic understanding of students with practical knowledge in economic spheres.

“FREAKONOMICS” society is one of the most active society of our college with a rich legacy and history. It is for everyone who is fascinated by the world of Economics. The faculty and students of the Department of Economics helmed the setting up of “Freakonomics” society to provide a platform to experiment with their understanding of real life socio-political and economic issues. In the society, the students discover the extent of their understanding of wellbeing of the society and challenges they face in daily life.

The main objective of the society is to blend economic studies with amusing innovative activities to make it interesting, and to make it evident that Economics is not a boring and dry. The Society provides a platform for effective engagement of young economic enthusiasts in activities that will link economic theory to global issue. The society aims at developing organising skill and promoting team work as well as developing their critical thinking abilities.

Performances ESPECIALLY LAST 5 Years

Freakonomics under the banner of economics department organizes inter-college annual economic festival –“eco spark” wherein students organize as well as participate in various events such as debates, paper presentation, poster making, ad-mad show and lectures by eminent personalities.

2015-16: Freakonomics Society organised an inter- College Eco Quiz which received an overwhelming response from 26 colleges of University of Delhi and IGNOU.

2016-17: Freakonomics society organized an open house discussion (in collaboration with "Chintan-The Debating Society") on the topic "Has Demonetization led to desired impact on Indian Economy” in order to aware the students about pros and cons of demonetization. ECOSPARK, annual fest of economics under the umbrella of Freakonomics organized a one day fest which included Ecoquiz fiesta, 3 minute Jhalak and Paper Presentation with the objective of providing platform for the students to showcase their talent with a competitive spirit.

2017-18: Logo of Freakonomics was designed in this year through an intra-college competition along with inter- college poem recitation competition ‘Eco-e-Mehfil’ on contemporary issues of poverty inflation with an overwhelming response.

2018-19: The department also organized an intra-college Poster Making Competition along with inter college Student activities including Pictionary, Eco Pro Que and Mad over Marketing.

2019-20: Under the banner of Freakonomics, department organized a talk by an eminent economist Dr. Rama Swamy on skill development which was highly appreciated by students. Special lectures by Mr. Ashutosh on Financial literacy and by Mr. Jatinder Budhiraja on Career after Graduation were also conducted for students. A special donation drive of stationary products was also taken up to inculcate social welfare and empathy towards downtrodden kids.

2020-21: The department organized a Special Online Lecture by Professor A.D.N. Bajpai on the topic ‘Foundations of Economic Policy’ and E-lectures on the theme ‘Covid Pandemic and Indian Economy’ by Professor Shakti Kumar and Bikash Kumar Malick (IES). An online short essay writing competition, ‘EPA: Economic Policy Analysis’ engaged the students and the E-Lecture by Dr. Prarthana Aggarwal Goel on the topic ‘Economics of Gender and Crime with special emphasis during the COVID times’ brought forward innovative research areas in economics. The department of Economics of Bharati College in association with Indian Economic Association (IEA) organized an international webinar on ‘COVID-19 crisis and realizing the vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat’ with Prof. M. Prasada Rao, Mr. K. Ktishna Murty and Prof. B. Ramaswamy as distinguished speakers. 

2021-22: The Freakonomics society organized an Open Panel Discussion(OPD) on the topic ‘Afghanistan crisis: A Ripple effect on Global economy’. Several reverend guests were invited to share their insights. Our judge for the event was Dr. Apra and our panelist included Mrs. Archana Dixit and Ms. Rimpy Kaushal. Besides, enthusiastic student participation was witnessed in the essay writing competition on the theme ‘A bright future or just a fad and Agro Policy’. The case study analysis competition- ‘Ace the Case’ provided opportunity to students to explore the policy analyst in them.



Office Bearers

President: Ananya Gaur

Vice President: Yogita Mishra


Other core team members: Akansha Singh, Anchal Aggarwal, Anza Umair, Jagriti, Jiya Rana, Khyati Khanna, Nikita Gaur, Prashansha Khanna, Rhythm, Sanya Miglani, Saloni Sharma, Shalini Shukla, Shivani Singh, Shubhra Mugdal, Sweta Singh, Tushti Chakraborty, Varsha, 



Freakonomics society strives to extend economic concepts beyond the realms of the classroom through a series of multidisciplinary events, across students from different streams. The vision of the society is to develop a student run endeavor with the energy and ideas into the areas of research and policy.

We aim to provide an opportunity to let students explore economics beyond the classroom discussions. Look at things with different perspectives, provide students with information & literature concerning the field of economics applicable both in an academic and practical environment.


We are an array of people brought together by their love for the subject. We at the Freakonomics society invite all the economic enthusiasts to take part in the intricacies of economics with practical thinking through your creativity and imagination. We hope that with your collaboration the society attains new heights.