• न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।

  • ज्ञान के समान पवित्र इस संसार में कुछ नहीं है।।

  • There is nothing more pure in this world than knowledge(Gyana)

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for Bharati College (2022-2027)

Bharati College is committed to making substantial advancements in enriching the overall educational experience for its students through the implementation of the following strategies:

Academic Excellence:

Objective: To regularly monitor and enhance academic processes.

Action Steps:

  • Establish a mechanism for resolving academic issues faced by students by facilitating regular interactions between the faculty and the students representatives

  • Collect feedbacks from students, faculty, and stakeholders

  • Conduct periodic internal and external academic audits

  • Improve teaching and learning on the basis of recommendations of audit findings

Students Overall Wellbeing:

Objective: To ensure holistic wellbeing of students by addressing their physical, mental, emotional and psychological components of health and making fitness an integral part of their daily lives.

Action Steps:

  • Procure state of art fitness items and equipments

  • Spread awareness on fitness and conduct events promoting sports, yoga and indigenous games

  • Provide gymnasium facilities to all the students during college hours

  • Appoint a dedicated counsellor

  • Conduct mental health awareness campaigns

  • Establish a support system for students facing psychological issues

Infrastructure Development:

Objective: To assess and improve the current infrastructure.

Action Steps:

  • Get a thorough infrastructure assessment by competent professionals

  • Allocate resources for necessary improvements and expansions

  • Prioritise technological upgrades and safety measures

  • Renovate classrooms to create conducive learning environments

  • Refurbish all washrooms in the academic block and hostel

  • Implement disability-friendly infrastructure, including ramps and tactile paths

Safety and Security enhancement:

Objective: Establish a safer and more secure environment.

Action Steps:

  • Expand fencing and raise the perimeter walls

  • Install CCTV cameras at strategic locations

  • Collaborate with local authorities for enhanced security

Integration of Technology:

Objective: Implement cutting-edge record-keeping technology.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct a survey to identify, choose, and implement integrated record-keeping software

  • Enhance the library software for streamlined information management

  • Deliver training sessions to staff for optimal utilization of the technology

  • Establish a routine for the regular maintenance and updates of the system

Pedagogical Adaptation:

Objective: To align teaching methods with the National Education Policy, 2020.

Action Steps:

  • Encourage the use of technology in teaching by providing necessary infrastructure

  • Form an exclusive committee for devising innovative teaching methods

  • Provide training to faculty on innovative pedagogies

  • Develop and subscribe to case-study materials for various courses

  • Regularly review and update the curriculum to align with policy changes

Career Development:

Objective: To facilitate comprehensive career development for students.

Action Steps:

  • Provide a platform for development of entrepreneurship, leadership, and management skills

  • Start an Incubation Centre in the college to assist students develop their business ideas, refine their plans and launch their ventures

  • Collaborate with industry for internships and skill enhancement initiatives

  • Establish a structured career counselling system

Competitive Exam Preparation:

Objective: To launch an intensive preparatory programme for competitive exams.

Action Steps:

  • Engage with experienced faculty and external experts

  • Conduct workshops, mock exams, and provide personalized guidance

  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the programme

Faculty Development:

Objective: To invest in the continuous development of educators.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct Faculty Development Programmes

  • Provide opportunities for training and capacity building workshops

  • Facilitate participation in conferences and research

Research Initiatives and Recognition:

Objective: To promote and support research across departments and recognize outstanding contributions.

Action Steps:

  • Establish dedicated research labs, language labs and faculty workstations

  • Organize research symposiums

  • Conduct workshops on research techniques

  • Facilitate real-world applications through academic research projects

  • Introduce a Research Award program to recognize and reward outstanding contributions

  • Procure database software

  • Subscribe to high quality research journals and e-resources

Environmental Sustainability:

Objective: To implement eco-friendly practices and audits.

Action Steps:

  • Install a sewage treatment plant within the college premises

  • Integrate sustainable practices into daily operations

  • Conduct green, environment, and energy audits

  • Implement corrective actions for improvement

  • Work towards complete waste management

Community Engagement:

Objective: To promote community development through outreach activities.

Action Steps:

  • Sensitise students through visits to old age homes, orphanages, slums, Tihar Jail, Patri-markets and such other places

  • Encourage students and faculty to participate in community projects

  • Establish partnerships with local NGOs and Government agencies

  • Adopt nearby villages for holistic community development

Inclusivity and Cultural Sensitivity:

Objective: To cultivate a diverse and inclusive campus that upholds equality, respect, and cultural sensitivity.

Action Steps:

  • Provide diversity and inclusion training for staff and students

  • Develop and implement policies that promote equality and cultural sensitivity

  • Organise events and initiatives to celebrate the diversity of the campus community

  • Acknowledge and appreciate all forms of diversity- gender, religious, regional, caste-based and disability related thereby adopting practices that meet their specific needs as well as accommodate all groups

By systematically implementing these strategies, Bharati College can cultivate an environment conducive to progressive learning and ensure the comprehensive development of both students and faculty.