• न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।

  • ज्ञान के समान पवित्र इस संसार में कुछ नहीं है।।

  • There is nothing more pure in this world than knowledge(Gyana)

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Upkram - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell

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Upkram - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell


The E cell of the college has commenced to enable its students get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation driven activities at the institute and provide comprehensive and integrated range of support including space, mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits. The E cell is of the firm belief that Entrepreneurship is the panacea for the unemployment situation rearing its head in the country. The main motive is to bring out the innate potential at the student level to be able to take calculated and planned risks and to innovate the existing situations.

The primary objective is to spread awareness among the student community of the college about Entrepreneurship and to harness their latent potential by handholding and providing a platform so that an ‘acorn can become an oak tree’.

The E cell once it becomes fully functional will be fully student run with the faculty taking a total back seat and will act as a dry run for students aiming at setting up their own businesses in future. With one stroke they become employment providers. It is believed that one new business provides employment to at least two employees. Through this, the e cell aims to reduce the number of people seeking employment.

It is not only about the E-Cell but an association/organisation/event she is joining which enhances her skills and allows her to explore skills and abilities that she didn’t know she may be good at. In addition gets to learn many things apart from academics that does matter when it comes to real life. Participating/volunteering /managing any event helps overcome fears and teaches many new things. It will also improve her communication skills and build confidence.

Students who join the E cell will also be able to improve on decision making skills and enhance their network of people.

Members of the Committee
  • Dr. Alok Anand (Convenor)
  • Dr. Poonam
  • Dr. Anubha Bhargav
  • Dr. Princy Jain
  • Dr. Vandana Yadav
  • Dr. Swati Bawa Shawney
  • Dr. Ankit Gupta
  • Ms. Sunita
  • Dr. Divya Sharma