Palanquin of Thoughts A Creative Quest is a unique initiative of the Research Committee of Bharati College for meaningful, creative and intellectual engagement. As the name suggests, it seeks to put forth a space where diverse set of opinions and thoughts are discerned in a unified platform that will ferry these thoughts across to assimilate them within the existing knowledge of society. It is intended to be a platform where individuals can express their world views and their social, cultural, and political opinions in a variety of creative ways. We are welcoming opinion pieces and expressions that are both academically influenced and experientially motivated. We see this as a forum instrumental in generating dialogues, discussions, and deliberations that contribute towards a better understanding of the ethos of our times.

Guidelines for Authors

1.      The blog is committed to promote diverse ideas and respects the freedom of expression of the author/authors

2.      Entries are invited from Faculty Members and Research Scholars. Entries can either be in Hindi or English.

3.      The word limit of a write up should not be more than 900 words

4.      Writings should be submitted to  in a word format with a heading of the write-up. Author/authors must provide their brief bio- note (not more than 200 words including institutional affiliation, email, and major publication if any) along with the write-up.

5.      Authors must mention in the email about the section for which they want their writing to be considered.

6.       The publication on the blog will be subject to the decision of the editorial team.

7.       Respective authors would be responsible for the content of their write-up. Copyright of a writing would be with the author/authors concerned.


Editorial Team:

• Dr. Nandini C. Sen

• Dr. Shailza Singh

• Dr. Anavisha Banerjee

• Ms. Samhita Das

• Dr. Ankit Gupta

Managing Team

Research Committee, Bharati College, University of Delhi