Farmer Protests: A Sign of Emergence of New Politics
06 November 2020 | Dr. Sudhir Kumar Suthar

The recent farmers’ agitations in north Indian states of Punjab and Haryana need to be seen as a continuum of the protests that have occurred in the last one decade. These protests are a manifestation of a deeper socio-economic change that is taking place in the rural areas or in the small towns of northern India. Along with an economic reasoning, the social and cultural changes are also major determinants of the anger and agitation amongst the farmers. These changes have pushed farmers, traders and laborers involved in agriculture to look for newer alliances cutting across caste and class boundaries and assert themselves. The aarhtiyas (grain merchants) supporting farmers demands is an indicator of this shift.   Changing Land relations, emerging aspirations   First maj...

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Combating Corruption: A Human Rights Approach
06 November 2020 | Sangit Sarita Dwivedi

Little things …O Little things…! Magnify yourself. Most debates on the issue of corruption i.e., disastrous consequences for democratic societies, revolves around chanting mantras of economic growth and not on the decline in the position of human development. The problem is that corruption reflects how little we care about the general interest and how strongly some section of the society focuses on short term personal benefits. The issue of human rights has thrown up unprecedented challenges to the world. This is so in every walks of society. Corruption is a global phenomenon that every society faces. Though its degree of severity varies from country to country, no country has a 100% human rights record, and no country is devoid of corruption. And what this implies for Indian...

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