• न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते।

  • ज्ञान के समान पवित्र इस संसार में कुछ नहीं है।।

  • There is nothing more pure in this world than knowledge(Jyana)

Student Zone

Academic Support Cell

Academic Support Cell

Under the aegis of IQAC, Academic Support Cell took an initiative to provide the students of the college, an opportunity to improve their language building skills and take improvisation and remedial classes in subjects like English, German and French and to get coached for competitive exams in Mathematics. The classes given to students are free of cost and by their peer groups. Thus, the dual purpose of Academic Cell is a) providing extra academic support to students beyond regular class teaching b) coaching students to excel in competitive exams that too free of cost.

This cell came into being in 2017 and so far, around 100 students are attending these classes from different courses and streams of the college are getting benefitted. This initiative aims at building and honing the skills of both the student-teacher and the student and built upon shared learning concept and peer group teaching. It also helps embolden a sense of collectiveness and promotes increased and efficient individual performance through collective peer growth.

The Academic Support Cell is currently conducting classes for Mathematics, French, German and English. The classes under Academic Cell are generally conducted every Saturday.

Scope under the Academic Support Cell
  • ENGLISH: Basic grammar like the use of articles, prepositions, tenses, vocabulary has been taught to the students along with special attention to speaking skills.
  • FRENCH: Basic level French language that involves the use of alphabets, introducing oneself, numbers, months, days of the week, communicating, and salutations which help students in their personality development.
  • GERMAN: Basic level German language that involves the use of alphabets, introducing oneself, numbers, months, days of the week, communicating, and salutations which help students in their personality development.
  • MATHEMATICS: Basic mathematics, comprehension and application of different tricks to help increase the speed of calculations like fundamentals of calculation, LCM, HCF, multiplication tricks, tables and probability. The sole aim was to help students crack competitive exams. Students not only from the Mathematics stream showed interest but there was also a large number of students from other humanities streams.
Future Vision

The Academic Cell aspires to be the USP of Bharati College and be instrumental in adding value to the students studying in the college. It envisions to add more subjects across departments and provide coaching for competitive exams for more subjects as well. It also aims at spreading its wings across the Delhi University and benefit as many students as possible. The cell invites all those who are interested who want to be a part of it get benefitted and raise their education and development bar. The cell is committed to accomodate sincere and consistent students.

Last Note For Students Who May Want To Become A Part Of The Academic Cell

The Academic Cell’s inception has solely stemmed for the purpose of quick resolution of doubts and concepts that might not be perceived by the students at the first go. With peer groups, there is efficient comprehension of a subject as different ideas regarding a concept come to light. A proper time-table is provided to the students when they enroll themselves in the Academic Cell.

We’ve had an overwhelming response where students have witnessed a great change in their understanding of the subjects. Now they even ask doubts which they didn’t use to do before these classes. It is because the classes are interactive and both the mentor and the students talk freely to each other and resolve the doubts quickly

With the pandemic ravaging the nation, things went virtual. Currently, the classes are being organized online through Google meet, every Saturday to assist our fellow students with these subjects.